Peer-Reviewed Publications 

  • “All’s Fare: Subways and the development of New York Metropolitan Politics, 1904- 1933” in Joseph Heathcott, Jonathan Soffer and Rae Zimmerman, eds., Urban Infrastructure: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from History and the Social Sciences. Under contract to the University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020,

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  • "Progress and Authenticity: Urban Renewal, Urban Tourism, and the Meanings of Mid-  Twentieth-Century New York." Journal of Tourism History 5, no. 2 (January 14, 2013): 172-84,

Book Reviews in Peer-Reviewed Publications

Review of New York Exposed: The Gilded Age Police Scandal that Launched the Progressive Era by Daniel Czitrom, Journal of Social History 53, No. 3 (Spring 2020), 837-839,

Review of In Union There is Strength: Philadelphia in the Age of Urban Consolidation by Andrew Heath, Business History Review 93, No. 4 (Winter 2019), 841-844,

Non-Profit Publications

Online Publications

  • Washington Post

  • Dissent Magazine

  • Journal of Urban History Blog

    • “The Public Costs of Private Growth: Amazon, the Great Depression, and the fiscal history #HQ2 supporters miss.” February 2019.

    • “Taxing the Land: Henry George, NYC, and the Land Value Tax.” January 2018.

  • Journal of the History of Ideas Blog

    • “Ideas of Attachment: What the Post-Critical turn means for the History of Ideas.” November 2016,

    • “Solidarity, Fragmentation and Welfare.” July 2016,

    • Of Nuance and Algorithms: What Conceptual History can learn from Topic Modeling.” April 2016,

    • “Coming to Agreement: The State of Urban Public Life in American History.” January 2016,

    • “Institutionalized: Between American Political Development and Intellectual History.” November 2015.

    • “Synthesis, Narrative, and Conversation: On Thomas Bender.” September 2015.

  • The Global Urbanist

    • “Past is More than Prologue: How Today’s Urban Reformers should Learn from History.” October 2012,


  • Untapped Cities